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in the pipe like. but it would take two years, the restructuring, because of the overall economy. >> she's not upbeat. she's trying to be up-front and honest. sometimes the market doesn't necessarily like hearing those things come out of the ceo's mouth. >> reporter: whitman said the ceo's in previous years were also to blame. >> no one wants to see the uncertainty. any ceo is going to have to be somewhere for a while to instill their game plan. >> reporter: market watch editor dan gallagher says hp's sheer size makes it hard to work through the company. >> we've had a problem getting that stuff out to the market for people to buy it. >> reporter: for hp, the personal computer and printer markets are flat. it does not have a smartphone. and it remains to be seen how well its just released tablet will compete. >> a huge company like hp, it takes a long time to react. >> reporter: in other words, time is not on hp's side. >> whether investors are going to give them, you know, the time that they want to do that is a good question. we don't really know that right now. >> reporter: whatever h
combined with europe's economy put a damper on stocks. the dow is down 44 to 13,413. the nasdaq is down 24 at 3,093. the s&p is down 8 to 1,433. >>> research in motion announced yesterday its number of subscribers gone up, that surprised analyst whose expected the number to go down. they closed at $7 a share. a gain of 40 cents. >>> i just want justice for the family. >> finally getting justice. the change of heart today in court by the teen accused of fatally hitting a father and his daughter. >> a cooler today across parts of the bay area. coming up, the temperature change you will notice tomorrow and how the forecast and fog will be for the morning commute. . >>> a 17-year-old driver admitted he is guilty and sorry for hitting and killing a father and daughter who were riding their bikes earlier this year. ktvu's eric rasmussen tells us what happened in court and what the teen wanted to do since the accident happened. >> i just want justice for us. >> reporter: outside court this woman said she is finally starting to get justice. six months after this crash in conord the driver pleaded
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2